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Science & Religion

The Political Uses of Religion - Michael Parenti 43min 5 MB

Are Scientists Playing God with Our Genes? 1991 FISHER, Keith

Is our nature written in our genes? Steven Rose

Does human nature lead to war & greed? , Discussion & Summing Up 2004 Campbell Sally

What makes us human? 1997 HUBBARD, Gill

Drugs: cracking up or cracking down? 1993 NEALE, Jonathan

Just Say No To The War On Drugs - 2003 - Pat Stack 45m

Origins of Christianity, 1988, SPARKS, Colin

Can Religion Be Progressive? 1986 Callinicoss, Alex

The Bolsheviks & religion , Discussion & Summing Up 2004 Crouch Dave

Islam Racism And The Left,; 2002, Chenara, Awall, Azak, Damann

Islam As The Enemy CHOMSKY, Noam

Islam, Secularism & Socialism, Discussion & Summing Up 2004 Achcar,Boulange, Yaqoob

Marxism And Ethics,1994 - EAGLETON, Terry

Is there a Marxist morality? MOLYNEUX, John 38min 4.4MB

Socialism and emotion in politics, 1999, BARKER, Colin