Lenin and the party

Speaker: Tony Cliff

Recorded: July 1995(?) at Marxism, London

Time: 44 minutes

Cliff speaks about Lenin and the revolutionary party with a fine array of anecdotes and examples that make the point more entertaining. He begins 'to understand Lenin's concept of the revolutionary party you have to start from two statements by Karl Marx. The first is the emancipation of the working class is the act of the working class. The second is the prevailing ideas in every society are the ideas of the ruling class'

Part 1: Length 16:43 minutes - 2.87Mb

Part 2: Length: 20:57 minute - 3.59Mb

Summing up: Length: 7:08 minute - 1.22Mb

State Capitalism

Speaker: Tony Cliff

Recorded: July 1999 at Marxism, London

Time: 66 minutes

This recording is provided by Linksruck, who are part of the ISO grouping in Germany, there site is at: http://www.linksruck.de/
Cliff's book State Capitalism in Russia was first written in 1948. In it he showed that Russia and societies like it can only be understood as specific forms of capitalism--State Capitalism. In this talk Cliff starts by describing the Stalinist regime in USSR in the 1930s.

Part 1: Main lecture 33 minutes - 3,863kb

Part 2: Discussion: 25 minute - 2,909kb

Part 3: Summing-up: 8 minute - 936kb

The Peasants' Revolt of 1381

Speaker: Paul Foot

Recorded: April 1981, the 600th anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt

Time: 67 minutes

The first time the Poll Tax was imposed in Britain it led to the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, when 140,000 people from all over southern England converged on London and forced the king to withdraw the tax. But the revolt was about more than the tax: 'Matters cannot go well in England, nor ever will, until all things shall be held in common, when there shall be neither vassals nor lords, when the lords shall be no more masters than ourselves.' This was perhaps the first time the standard of socialism was raised in Britain.

Side A: Length 34:05 minutes - 3.99Mb

Side B: Length: 32:26 minute - 3.80Mb

Shelley and Revolution

Speaker: Paul Foot

Recorded: February 1977 in London

Time: 85 minutes

From schooldays onwards we are given a completely false picture of the poet Shelley. It is an image painted by the establishment, literary critics and school textbooks and the product is a Shelley stripped of all his ideas--a poet who writes only on skylarks and the west wind.

Yet Shelley was hounded throughout his life because he was a revolutionary, an atheist, a republican and a feminist. He hated all those parasites, unelected and unrepresentative, who control our lives: kings, queens, bishops, judges and all the petty dictators we come up against.

Paul Foot uncovers that other Shelley and brings to life the poet who was an outspoken champion of all oppressed people.

Side A: Length 42:28 minutes - 4.86Mb

Side B: Length: 42:23 minute - 4.85Mb

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